Vestibular Group Fit!

Exercise, physical activity, and general fitness are needed for overall health, especially for vestibular warriors.

Symptoms of dizziness and vertigo from  Vestibular Migraine, Vestibular Neuritis, PPPD, Meniere’s Disease, and vestibular conditions can be reduced, or even eliminated, with physical activity and exercise.

Exercise can be anything, from walking, to barre class, or weight lifting. In my experience as a physical therapist, I have helped so many people return to exercise who are managing vestibular disorders. Many of my patients want to return to group fitness classes at their local gym or studio, but they are either too intense, not scalable, or otherwise triggering. Group fitness can be an amazing way to exercise if it’s in the right setting for the right person. There’s so much positive support between participants, and working with other people who understand how you feel, feels so good!

That’s why I created Group Fit! Vestibular Group Fit is a 30-minute, completely scalable workout, designed specifically for Vestibular Warriors. It is the best workout for people diagnosed with vestibular disorders because it’s the only class designed with dizziness in mind. My goal with vestibular fit is to provide a space where you feel safe to move your body. 

Online training and group fitness is a great way to stay fit without ever leaving your house, and, it’s available to fit into your busy schedule. While designing Group Fit, one of the most important concepts for me to integrate into is that it would be available to everyone. Because I know not everyone has the ability to work out at the same time during the day, all classes are available until the end of the month from the day they’re recorded in the group. This gives you the time to decide when it’s best for you to move you body throughout the day.

What Are the Classes Like?

Vestibular Group Fit consists of both individual workouts and virtual group classes; additionally, you will become a member of our Facebook group that acts as a support group for questions, comments, and motivation, lastly it is the location for virtual classes.

Virtual Classes will be led by me, or my lovely co-founder, Jenna. We are both vestibular specialists and build classes that will help strengthen your vestibular system while simultaneously aiming to avoid a flare-up. All classes are scalable, meaning that you will have options about how you move.

Here’s a good example. In class, we may do squats. Performing a squat might be too much for you on that particular day, and that’s is 100% okay. Taking a break and joining us later might be in your interest, or maybe you hold a squat on the wall or squat halfway instead of through the full range of motion. Group Fitness is here to provide you a support group, a safe place to move your body, and a workout that fits your needs & lifestyle!

What are the individual workouts? On the first of each month, there will be a document uploaded to the Facebook Group. It will have 3 days a week of full-body workouts! These will be changed monthly, and, as always, be completely customized to avoid flaring up symptoms, but still getting in a good strength workout.

What If I don’t Have a Facebook Account?

Don’t have Facebook? Email me, and we will get something figured out! This program should be accessible to all people, and I will go to great lengths to make sure you have access!

How Much Does it Cost?

Group Fit classes with Vestibular Fit are billed monthly and are set at a few price points to fit your budget. It will be billed on the same day each month to your card or PayPal account.

Are you ready to bring fitness back into your life? Start below!

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Access to: Facebook Support Group

3x/week on-your-own workouts; programmed monthly

Monthly Balance Challenge

Return to Distance Walking Protocol

3x/ week Live Classes

Access to All Previous Live Classes (the archive)

Discounted 1:1 workout sessions with Dr. Madison or Dr. Jenna





Access to: Facebook Support Group

3x/week on-your-own workouts; programmed monthly

Monthly Balance Challenge

Return to Distance Walking Protocol

2x/week Live Classes

Access to all Previous Live Classes (the archive)

One 1:1 Wellness Session with Dr. Madison or Dr. Jenna per month

Customized workout plan made just for you.

Focus on your specific wants and needs,

24/7 access to your trainer's phone

Consult Required!

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  1. I liver in Taiwan. I have the underlying disease of unilateral vestibular hypofunction (right ear). Also, I have the problem about exercise. My balance examination is good. I never fall down. Do you have protocol to train walking/jogging ??

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