Vestibular Group Fit Monthly Subscription

$59.99 / month

Fight your dizziness with the Vestibular Group Fit monthly subscription. It is the only group exercise program designed to help you decrease dizziness, improve your balance, and increase your day-to-day function. Dizziness is incredibly debilitating, it prevents you from moving the way you want, exercising, driving, and more! Vestibular Group Fit is created using the principles from Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, but in a group setting meant to support you on your journey to recovery. Join Vestibular Group Fit with this monthly subscription service.

Vestibular Group Fit features:

  • 9 live workouts per week
  • 3 Pre-recorded Cardio Workouts/month
  • 30% off all supplements ordered with your FullScript account (usually saves $40-100/month) (US)
  • Access to all Premium Content (50+ modules to get your life back)
  • Return to Run Protocol
  • Mindset help & weekly affirmations
  • Monthly Balance Challenge
  • All classes ever recorded
  • Support group access
  • Unlimited access to Dr. Madison & Dr. Jenna
  • Access to 1:1 coaching calls for purchase (unavailable for non-members)
  • 2x/month group coaching cals


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