Best Workout for Vestibular Migraine

Movement and exercise are two words that can be really triggering for people with chronic illnesses. You may have heard someone say to you “just exercise, you’ll feel better,” but when we take that advice from our doctors the opposite effect might happen. More often than not, picking up a new exercise routine can actually make you feel worse if your symptoms and current state of chronic illness is not considered first and foremost. Exercise can 1000% be used to your advantage, and you can absolutely reduce your sensitivity to movement, reduce the number of attacks you have, raise your threshold, and improve your quality of life through movement. But, not if you don’t do it with very specific intentions. There are workouts designed for new moms, chronic pain, Multiple Sclerosis, and more. So, why not workouts for vestibular disorders, too?

That’s where Vestibular Group Fit comes in!

Vestibular Group Fit is the best workout for those with vestibular migraine and other vestibular conditions! It’s not feasible or logical for your healthcare provider to tell you to just ‘start exercising’ or for you to begin right after you finish vestibular rehabilitation therapy. It’s truly unfair to try and send you on your own. That’s why Vestibular Group Fit exists, to help you get back to a place where you can move your body comfortably, and not trigger an attack. Vestibular Group Fit is a workout for those with vestibular disorders. Relearning how to do functional activities is one thing, but getting back to workout classes is an entirely different beast. There are so many triggers at the gym and regular workout classes! Fluorescent lighting, loud music, moving people, big weights, and more. All of these can be triggers that are incredibly irritating on your system. But, it does not have to be this way. You can exercise and move in a way that promotes physical health, mental health, and vestibular health. This will ultimately reduce your dizziness, improve your confidence, help you get back to driving and the grocery store, and more.  You can raise your threshold to migraine attacks. Raising your threshold comes from the threshold theory of migraine. This theory states there are are many different factors contributing to your migraine attacks, and when they all pile up you hit your threshold and have an attack. But, if you raise that threshold (which takes time and effort but is very doable) you will have fewer attacks and a higher quality of life. Raising your threshold takes consistency over time. It takes movement, education and knowledge, and support. Vestibular Group Fit offers all of these things, it’s so much more than just a workout. The Support group is filled with like-minded individuals who are on a journey toward healing through movement, mindset, and knowledge. These three things are some of the pillars of Vestibular Group Fit. And, when they’re consistently upheld, you will see the results you’re looking for.  

Below is a link to learn more about Vestibular Group Fit, how it works, and how other people have been successful in their journeys through movement. 

2 thoughts on “Best Workout for Vestibular Migraine”

  1. Paige Kepner

    Does “raising your threshold” apply to all types of vertigo or just migraine?
    I read on your site that you have advice for lying flat, but I can’t find the “module” where you say to look for it.

    1. Madison Oak

      Hello! Yes, it applies to all migraine and all vestibular disorders!
      The lying flat module is under your vestibular group fit account > premium content > lying flat 🙂 email if you cannot find it!

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