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Group Calls

Group Calls

January 25, 2023 Long COVID dizziness (VN-ish, VM, POTS). Something I forgot to mention: it presents a whole lot like a concussion most of the time. And, how do we treat concussion? Exercise, mindset, and returning slowly to life activities in a scaled way! Just like we treat everything around here. You are going to …

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Long COVID rehabilitation

Long COVID Rehabilitation: The Best Treatment for Long-COVID​

Long-COVID Rehabilitation: The best Treatment for Long-COVID We all were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of that we have all heard of Long-COVID, and hopefully, about Long COVID Rehabilitation. And, no matter what happened to you or around you during the pandemic, somethings has become more and more prevalent over the last few …

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Begin Working Out Here!

Begin Here! Returning to workout can be difficult. It’s important to take it slowly and start somewhere you feel most comfortable. I have selected a few workouts for you to complete before you start in the group, if you choose. All workouts are completely and totally modifiable, but these are curated to be a little bit easier and …

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What If I Feel Dizzy Laying Down?

The vestibular system is incredibly complex and in a perfect world it tells you, with impeccable accuracy, where you are in relationship to the rest of the world. It acts as a gyroscope – this means it measures angular velocity and maintains a perfect upright posture (plus, your vestibular system also measures linear velocity). It’s …

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Best Neck Stretches for Vestibular Dysfunction

Vestibular disorders, especially Vestibular Migraine, can cause neck pain and cervicogenic dizziness. However, thankfully, these are both manageable with vestibular physical therapy and cervical (neck) physical therapy. The neck is a complex group of muscles, bones, joints, and other soft tissues that can easily make you feel ‘off’ or out of place. Luckily, that feeling …

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2 Women working out, exercises for vestibular disorders

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Hormones & Your Vestibular System Playlist 12 Videos Hormones Intro 2:43 Hormones and Lifecycles 4:35 Hormones & Meniere’s Disease 5:07 Hormones & Acoustic Neuromas 1:04 Hormones & Vestibular Migraine 5:55 Hormones & Vestibular Migraine 2 1:54 Treating hormonal migraine without hormone Treatment 4:21 Post Partum Dizziness 3:54 Hormones Recap 2:15 Hormone FAQ 1 11:04 Hormones …

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What is Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction

Your vestibular system is a vitally important structure located in your inner ear. It is responsible for balance, equilibrium, spatial awareness, and more. It is connected to the cochlea and depends on fluid, nerves, and ear crystals (otoconia) for function. Vestibular hypofunction is a common dysfunction and means that your vestibular system is functioning ‘less’ …

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