Manage your vestibular symptoms, break the dizzy anxious dizzy cycle, return to driving, and more! 

By Dr. Madison Oak, PT, DPT
Vestibular Therapist





Manage your vestibular symptoms, break the dizzy anxious dizzy cycle, return to driving, and more! 

By Dr. Madison Oak, PT, DPT
Vestibular Therapist

Vestibular Group Fit is the most comprehensive and affordable dizziness program available.

designed by Dr. Madison Oak, PT, DPT, to help you get your life back.

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We use our proven methodology, The Oak Method (TOM), to help you along your dizziness journey.

Not only is this method grounded in scientific evidence, but it’s the exact methodology Dr. Madison uses in her vestibular rehabilitation clinic for over four years helping over 1000 patients and clients regain control over their lives.

The vestibular system is complex, which means we need to take a multifaceted, comprehensive, approach to your treatment. It also needs to be personalized to you! Because, if you only focus on one area, you likely won’t find the long term relieve you’re looking for.

That’s why we use the 4 pillars of The Oak Method (TOM) in VGFit.


Movement is an absolute must when it comes to managing a vestibular disorder. Our classes focus on modified exercise to strengthen your physical body as well as your vestibular system.


Transforming your mindset is crucial to alleviating chronic dizziness. We will guide you in breaking free from the dizzy-anxious-dizzy cycle, helping you regain a sense of ease despite living with a chronic vestibular disorder. 


With both peer and professional support, you can manage your vestibular disorder more quickly and effectively, drastically improving your overall quality of life.


We believe you deserve the best possible understanding of your brain, body, and vestibular system. Whether you have Vestibular Migraine, PPPD, BPPV, Vestibular Neuritis, or another vestibular disorder we have the information to make it all make sense.

We do NOT believe you should need to spend $800+ to see a single specialist for a single visit to find relief.

We’ve designed VGFit to still provide you a personalized and holistic approach to managing your vestibular disorder without the hefty price tag.

Here’s what you get for a fraction of the price of a single doctor’s visit.

7-9 new classes/week

This includes: tai chi, strength, cardio, yoga, Yoga Nidra, supine for POTS, beginner and advanced classes, Pilates, ballroom, & ballet! Moving your body this way helps you return to movement in your day

Private Facebook Group

Connect with over 500 other vestibular warriors in the group all working toward the same goal: undoing dizziness. We focus on what we CAN do here, and make so much progress!

Educational Content

After taking the onboarding quiz our algorithm will curate your dashboard with educational content specific to you. We have over 215 video lessons, accessible to you at any time.

The Monthly Balance Challenge

Each month we invite you to engage in our balance challenge, track your progress, and maintain motivation.

Bimonthly Coaching Calls

Twice a month join us for a lively discussion about a hot topic in the group, and a 40 minute Q&A session! 

24/7 support from our experts!

Dr. Madison & Dr. Jenna are here for personalized help, education, support and more! We believe in equal access to vestibular support and education, you can get it here!

Weekly Goal Setting & Win Sharing​

Each Monday morning we set goals to strive for that week, and on Saturdays we share our wins for the week, contributing to the upbeat environment of our support group, and keeping you on track! 

30% off all supplements

All US Residents can enjoy 30% off all supplements (10% for Canadians) via our Fullscript account. Most people save so much, it pays for their VGFit membership!


Over 50 meditations, and new ones every other week. We feature guided relaxation, breathing, grounding, progressive muscle relaxation, and activity specific meditations.

85% of members reported starting to feel better in 45 days

A personalized path to recovery designed just for you.

Here at Vestibular Group Fit, we believe all programming should be completely customized to you. Based on your answers to a few quick questions after joining Vestibular Group Fit, like your diagnosis if you do or don’t have one, if you experience fatigue, neck pain, and/or anxiety, you will provided custom coursework based on your answers.

You will begin with the Start Here Coursework, work your way through The Basics of Vestibular health, and then onto your diagnosis and symptom specific coursework.

You will also support from Dr. Madison & Dr. Jenna via the Facebook Group and email all along the way!

Hi! I'm Dr. Madison Oak

I am so excited to get you feeling back to your best self.

I was the go-to vestibular therapist on the Upper East Side of New York City.  Treating I treated so many patients with dizziness there and they all had great outcomes! 

But, it was not accessible to everyone. Only those who could afford many appointments at a higher rate, in an out of network clinic were able to get care.

Then, I thought: what if vestibular care could be accessed from your home, on an easy to use platform, with words that make sense, and all the same information you’d get with 1:1 therapy!? Wouldn’t that be cool?

So I built it! Vestibular Group Fit is the group version of The Oak Method. It combines the comprehensive avenues of 1:1 vestibular rehab from movement and education to mindset and support so you have access to high quality, evidence based, information at a price point much lower than traditional vestibular rehabilitation therapy.  

And, even better, is that it works! The outcomes are just about identical to those in my 1:1 clinic, and truly, what could be better than that?

Frequently Asked Questions

The effectiveness of Vestibular Group Fit can be attributed to several key factors, often summarized as the four pillars: movement, mindset, support, and education.

  1. Movement: Physical activity and targeted exercises are crucial for improving vestibular function and reducing symptoms of dizziness. Through structured movements and exercises, participants can gradually build strength, improve balance, and enhance coordination, which are essential for managing vestibular disorders.

  2. Mindset: A positive mindset plays a significant role in managing vestibular symptoms. By fostering a mindset of resilience, determination, and optimism, participants can better cope with the challenges posed by their condition. Cognitive-behavioral techniques may also be incorporated to help individuals overcome anxiety and fear associated with dizziness.

  3. Support: Group support can be immensely valuable for individuals dealing with vestibular disorders. Sharing experiences, challenges, and successes with others who understand their condition can provide a sense of belonging and encouragement. Peer support within the group fosters motivation and accountability, helping participants stay committed to their wellness journey. We focus on what you CAN do, 

  4. Education: Understanding the underlying causes and mechanisms of vestibular disorders is essential for effective management. Education about the vestibular system, common symptoms, triggers, and strategies for symptom management empowers participants to take control of their health. By providing evidence-based information and practical tips, the program equips individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions about their care.

By addressing these four pillars comprehensively, vestibular group fit aims to help participants manage symptoms, break the cycle of dizziness and anxiety, and improve overall well-being. Through tailored content and support, individuals can work towards their specific goals and experience meaningful improvements in their quality of life.

Nope! While it is often comforting and helpful to have a diagnosis, it’s absolutely not required! 

The Vestibular Pathologies coursework will guide you through the different diagnosis, what it may be, and how to talk to your doctor (or find a doctor) to be able to get the most help!

We have coursework in VGFit that helps you better understand a diagnosis you have, as well!  

Vestibular Group Fit has a 3 or 6 month commitment requirement. This is because we do regular surveys of our members and  find that it takes about 45 days for people to start seeing improvements in their dizziness. We want you to be able to stick with this program for at least that amount of time. Then around the 90 day (3 month mark) the wins get bigger – our shortest plan aims to be at this pricepoint!

Cancel anytime!

Vestibular Group Fit started as just a workout, but has morphed into SO much more. 

Vestibular Group Fit is the all in 1 comprehensive program for helping you manage your vestibular disorder from home. We focus on the 4 pillars of vestibular & physical health: movement, mindset, support, and education. So, while there is a movement/workout component there is so much more to it than that!

We will help you break the dizzy anxious dizzy cycle with our mindset work, help you learn about what’s actually going on in your body with our education, and so much more!

Exercising when you have a Vestibular Disorder is imperative, but if you’re nervous to start or REALLY don’t want to, we’ll never make you!

All the work here is self paced, so you can start with the non-movement based work first!

Vestibular Group Fit is a group program, but of course you can access us 1:1 as well.

As a VGFit member, you are able to access 1:1 support through coaching and wellness services. After you become a member, email me [email protected] or Dr. Jenna at [email protected] to set up an appointment.

The cost of a visit is $225/45 minute session.

Nope! You don’t need anything but you for Vestibular Group Fit!

Facebook is a part of the support section of Vestibular Group Fit. But, of course it’s not an absolute requirement! You will still have access to all of the coursework without a Facebook Account.

However, the fastest way to get any answer to a question from me is indeed the Facebook Group! 



Join the other 500+ Vestibular Warriors in Vestibular Group Fit Today

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Join the other 500+ Vestibular Warriors in Vestibular Group Fit Today

No matter how you imagine your life, we can help you get there!

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