Best Holiday Gifts for Vestibular Patients

The holidays can be tough, and so can gifting! I don’t know about you, but in my family, we ask for exactly what we want so there’s no guesswork and everyone ends up happy campers. However, figuring out what would be a useful thing to receive can be difficult. So, I’ve put together this guide. Send it to your loved ones, or gift something to yourself! These ideas help decrease your trigger load and will help improve your quality of life with a vestibular disorder!

Avulux Glasses

I recently talked to the people at Avulux, and I am officially obsessed. They are the only brand of migraine glasses that has real third-party research backing them up! They filter out many wavelengths of light, not just blue light, that can be irritating for migraine and let through the green light that is soothing for migraine. They have research to show that wearing these glasses within an hour of a migraine can actually decrease the impact of your migraine and dull the pain without an abortive medication. They have options for prescription and non-prescription glasses, which is also a game-changer. Here’s a video on how it works.  Code vertigodoc will get you $25 off your order!


Migraine Shields for Light Sensitivity

Migraine Shields are made by a vestibular migraine warrior for vestibular migraine warriors. They block the spectrum of blue light that people with migraine are sensitive to while letting some forms of blue light through – so things like sunlight and natural forms of light can get through, which is important for your circadian rhythm! You can use code vertigodoc20 for 20% off of your order!

Vitamins for Vestibular Dysfunction

Taking daily vitamins daily is essentially important for a vestibular disorder. My favorite vitamin company for people with vestibular dysfunction is Pure Encapsulations. They have very few additives and people do very well with them. However, if those are out of your price range, and you can tolerate Soybean oil (present in some vitamins), I’d recommend Nature Made Vitamins. If you or your loved one is in need of vitamins for Vestibular Migraine, that article can be found linked here. Vitamins and supplements are the first treatment for vestibular dysfunction very frequently, and research shows that they can really help decrease the symptoms – so it’s always worth a shot! But be sure to check in with your doctor first.

If you want to gift vitamins or supplements to a friend or family member, try subscribing to the vitamin on Amazon, that way you can get them a whole yea of vitamins and really take the stress out of ordering them monthly!


Vestibular Group Fit Subscription

Vestibular Group Fit is the only exercise and movement program based on your vestibular system. It intends to improve your physical strength, cardiovascular health, vestibular strength. VGF is the ONLY program created with your needs in mind. It accounts for dizziness, fitness levels, and difficult days where movement may feel impossible. It also includes premium content such as how to treat visual vertigo, navigating social situations, and more! You have the opportunity for 6 workouts per week, 3 of which are live classes. Come celebrate your body and movement with us!


The Dizzy Cook Cookbook

Alicia Wolf, the author of the Dizzy Cookbook, the absolute best when it comes to all things heal-your-headache diet. So many people with Vestibular Migraine respond incredibly well to altering their dietary needs. This book has more than the recipes you find on her blog, and she also has cute aprons and other products available! Check them out here.

Loops for Sound Sensitivity

If you, or your loved one, have sound sensitivity with migraine (or between attacks) Loops earplugs are your friends! They are specifically designed to decrease ambient noise, while letting you hear all other noises around you. You’ll be able to hear conversations around you, but the crowd noise will be blocked out – this is ideal for people who have hearing loss, hyperacusis, or difficulty paying attention to what their conversation partner is saying. Plus, they come in many colors, like silver, gold, black, roses gold, maroon, and more. And, the ear bud can be changed to meet the size of your ear, which is awesome!

Cefaly Device for Vestibular Migraine

The Cefaly device is very helpful for neuromodulation of migraine attacks. This has a preventative mode and an attack mode. You can read more about the Cefaly device, and other neuro-modulation devices here. The only one you can purchase over the counter is the Cefaly, and it’s a great one to try as they have a 90 day return period!


Allay Lamp

The Allay lamp is based on research that a specific wave of green light will help to decrease head pain and calm your brain during and between migraine attacks. If you are light-sensitive but need to get work done, the Allay Lamp is for you or your loved one! It emits a specific kind of green light that is calming – you can still get your work done without feeling the immense pain of bright lights during a migraine attack.

Norb Lightbulb

Norb lightbulbs are based on the same light technology that Allay Lamps and Avulux glasses use – green light is so calming! This light bulb can be placed into any lamp or light that holds a bulb. Itt will make the entire room green. They also have new research to show it helps with sleep!


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