Comprehensive Dizziness Management

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In Vestibular Group Fit,

we use The Oak Method (TOM).

TOM is the methodology Dr. Madison has applied in her Vestibular Rehab Therapy with patients for years. The four pillars of VGFit are grounded in scientific evidence and should be utilized collectively for best results!


Pillar one is crafted to assist you in moving without the dizziness. Engaging in regular movement has been shown to reduce dizziness compared to those who do not exercise. This pillar aims to support you in resuming physical activity and gaining confidence in moving your body without symptoms.


Pillar two is mindset. Your perception of dizziness can influence its intensity and chronicity. Let's work together to break free from the cycle of dizziness and anxiety.​


Pillar three aims to provide you with a sense of support. You don't have to face dizziness alone—we're here for you! Our online community is the ideal space to seek and offer support, ask questions, and connect with others.


Pillar four is becuase knowledge is power. There is so much gaslighting and misinformation in this community. Let's get you the right information, so you can be empowered in your vestibular disorder.

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Symptoms & Diagnoses

Vestibular Migraine

Treat your dizziness, lightheadedness, imbalance, and more!

Visual Vertigo

If things moving in your visual field, going to the grocery store, or driving makes you dizzy, VRT is for you!

Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness

Chronic dizziness > 90 days, caused by an underlying vestibular disorder

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