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Vestibular Fit!

After being diagnosed with a vestibular disorder, whether you’re returning to, or starting for the...

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woman sitting while massaging her temples

All About Vertigo

Let’s talk about being dizzy! Everyone has probably been dizzy at some point, whether you...

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What is Nystagmus?

Nystagmus is a word we use in vestibular rehabilitation very frequently. It is an involuntary,...

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group of women in fitness class

Best Balance Pad

There are many ways to train your balance, but to truly focus on your vestibular...

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woman at home doing a yoga post

What is Balance?

Balance is the system our body uses to keep us upright, helps us catch ourselves...

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woman laying down with her ear visible

Ear Anatomy

The inner ear, which is deep inside of your skull can seem abstract and strange....

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