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Why Vestibular Group Fit?



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While it might seem counterintuitive, movement is an absolutely must when it comes to managing a vestibular disorder.

Learn more about the science and the types of movement we use below.


Dizziness frequently triggers panic, anxiety, and other psychological symptoms & disorders which then often makes you more dizzy. The way you think about your symptoms will largely dictate the dizzy-anxious-dizzy cycle as well as how you function.

Learn more about how mindset plays into the management of your vestibular disorder and how to break this cycle below so you can get back to feeling like yourself!


It can be hard to make progress on managing your vestibular disorder when you don’t feel supported. With both peer and professional support, you can manage your vestibular disorder much more quickly and effectively, drastically improving your quality of life.

Learn more about the science of support when managing your vestibular disorder and how VGF provides you with invaluable support below.


If you don’t know what’s going on with your vestibular disorder, it’s harder to advocate for yourself, to want to make changes, and nearly impossible to understand why and which changes are needed.

Learn more about how education can help you become the master of your vestibular disorder below.


Movement is an essential piece of managing your vestibular disorder. Movement helps reduce migraine frequency/intensity, improves balance, increases brain health, reduces brain fog, and so much more! 

Our Classes

We offer so much more than just strength. We offer tai chi, cardio, ballet, ballroom, return to walk/run protocol, yoga, pilates, high intensity, low intensity, and POTS specific workouts.

Live and always recorded

Classes are aired daily on Facebook at 9 and 10am. But, classes can be accessed 27/4 through the recorded section in your account.

Scaled & Safe for Dizziness

Scaling your movement in a way that works for your body is vital. We will teach you how to make movement work for your body, rather than against you!

The Research Behind the Pillar


Dizziness causes anxiety, and anxiety flares the dizziness. This perpetuates more dizziness, triggers Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness, and prevents you from living your best life. 

When you change your mindset, you change your life.

Critical Thinking

The way you think about yourself and your symptoms matters. You will learn how to shift your mindset through critical thinking techniques

Nervous system Regulation

Regulating your nervous system is so much more than taking a deep breath. We believe you should have a whole toolbox of resources to regulate your nervous system & listen to your body, from EFT Tapping to Yoga Nidra classes, we have it all.

Breathing & Grounding

Grounding and breathing are vital pieces of the treatment pie. For both nervous system regulation, as well as for vestibular-proprioceptive integration. You will learn how to integrate these together for less daily dizziness!

The Research Behind the Pillar


Support from your personal network as well as your peers is so important! We will provide you support between questions you may need help with as well as emotional support!

We focus on what you CAN do and how to support you through productive question and answers. Always get the answers to 100% of your questions


The Facebook Group

Introduce yourself, get to know others, and learn from Drs. Madison & Jenna, PT, DPT and over 350 other vestibular warriors! Many Facebook groups are overwhelmingly negative in the Vestibular space. We have room for all emotions, but it is curated to give you the best outcomes.

All the Answers to your Q's!

No matter how long you've been living with a vestibular disorder, there are almost always questions. From 'is this normal?' to 'How do I get on a plane next week?,' we are here to help you with all the questions along the way!

Group Coaching Calls

Group Coaching calls are twice a month, focused on a specific topic + live Q&A from YOU! Ask Dr. Madison anything you want!

The Research Behind the Pillar


We believe that you deserve the best possible understanding of your own brain, body, & vestibular system. Whether you have Vestibular Migraine, PPPD, Vestibular Neuritis, or another vestibular disorder we have information for you!



When you join VGFit, you will take a quick onboarding quiz. In this quick quiz we will evaluate your symptoms and needs. After that, you will be assigned coursework to help educate you in your vestibular disroder.


We have modules on almost everything you can think of. You will gain access to playlists from 'How to Do Anything with A Vestibular Disorder' and 'What Hormones Have to do with Dizziness' to 'the 6 Week Neck Strenth Protocol'.

24/7 Q&A

We are here for you, for all your questions you have and all the answer you need!
Ask any time in the Facebook Group, at Group Coaching Calls, or via email!

The Research Behind the Pillar

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