Vestibular Group Fit 3 Month Subscription

$255.00 every 3 months

Kick start your fight against dizziness with the Vestibular Group Fit 3 month subscription. Undoing chronic dizziness out doesn’t have to be a drag! In Vestibular Group Fit we offer mindset work to finally break the dizzy-anxious-dizzy cycle, group fitness classes safe for your vestibular system, educaiton so you can finally figure out what’s going on inside your brain, body ,and vestibular system, & SO much more! Sign up today to set yourself up for the most success in finally understanding and managing your vestibular disorder.

  • 9 live workouts per week
  • 30% off all supplements ordered with your FullScript account (usually saves $40-200/month) (US)
  • 10% off all supplements ordered with your Fullsript account (Canada)
  • Access to all Educational & Mindset Content
  • Return to Run Protocol
  • Mindset help & weekly affirmations
  • Monthly Balance Challenge
  • All classes ever recorded
  • 14-day balance challenge
  • Better balance eBook
  • Access to all educational content (300+ videos)
  • 2x/month coaching calls
  • All classes ever recorded (900+)
  • Support group access


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