Best Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee Brands

Wake up, drink coffee, go to work. That’s how most people start the day, many even prioritizing coffee over breakfast! But what happens if your doctor says that coffee, specifically caffeine, is problematic for you?

For those with vestibular disorders this is incredibly common. Caffeine is amongst the many triggers for dizziness, headache, and lightheadedness. Therefore, one of the first changes after being diagnosed with a vestibular condition are dietary restrictions. A Migraine or Ménière’s Disease Diet is not always easy, but good replacements can improve your day to day! There is alcohol-free beer & 0% ABV spirits that can be replacements for happy hour, and there is Swiss Water Process decaf coffee for continuity in your morning routine. Those with Vestibular Migraine, Secondary Endolymphatic Hydrops, and Ménière’s Disease will benefit most from dietary changes, especially those who are frequently or chronically dizzy. Caffeine and dizziness are partners in crime. Any small amount of caffeine, even a sip or two, can cause a dizzy-attack.

Caffeine is the ingredient that makes coffee dangerous for those with vestibular dysfunction. So, it would seem like decaf is a great alternative if you’re in need of caffeine-free-coffee. However the vestibular system is highly sensitive to caffeine, including in tea, chocolate, and the small amount in decaf coffee. The decaffeination process removes approximately 97% of all caffeine in a cup of coffee, which still leaves about 7mg per 8-ounce cup of coffee. Unfortunately, this small amount of caffeine is enough to cause you to have a dizzy episode.

In order to avoid even the 7mg of caffeine in decaf coffee, Swiss Water Processed coffee is the safest option. Additionally it avoids the use of Ethyl Acetate, the chemical used to take the caffeine out of the beans before they are roasted. Instead the Swiss Water Decaffeination process uses just hot water and time to keep the flavor of coffee, while ridding the beans of caffeine!

No matter how you make coffee, whether it’s a Nespresso or Keurig machine, a French Press, or drip coffee, there are options for you! The list below compiles the best coffee you can buy for a Vestibular Migraine Diet, Ménière’s Disease Diet, or if you’re avoiding caffeine for any other reason!

Organic Gorilla Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee

This decaf coffee is excellent for those who need K-cup compatible decaf coffee. These pods are compostable, and are 99.99% caffeine free. Simply pop the pod into your Keurig Machine and you will have a fresh cup of coffee your brain and the environment will thank you for!

Stone Street Swiss Water Process Decaf

This cup of jo will have you convinced you’re drinking caffeinated coffee! Stone Street Coffee is roasted locally in Brooklyn, NY, but can be shipped anywhere you’d like! They sell through Amazon, their website, and have a tasting room in Brooklyn. Each batch of beans is sourced through fair trade from small family farms in Africa. Then, it is carefully processed and roasted for a consistent taste and tone! This Swiss Water Processed Coffee company sets itself apart with its excellent flavor and quality.

Kicking Horse Coffee

Living true to its mission and slogan, this coffee will help you wake up, and kick ass. It is free of caffeine, herbicides, and pesticides. It is sustainable, organic, and fair trade. They hold themselves to the highest standards when it comes to recycling, composting and being sustainable. In fact, Kicking Horse is so sustainable, they will not sell single-serve coffee in a pod as it is not sustainable, however they do provide ground and whole bean options. Kicking Horse Coffee is determined to make you feel good about yourself while drinking excellent coffee, and their mission is maintained through their Swiss Water Decaf Coffee.


Verena Street Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee

Offered in whole beans and ground coffee, this Swiss Water Processed Decaf Coffee can be found anywhere you shop, and has a fantastic medium roast. Verena Street sources its beans sustainably through Rainforest Alliance Certified farms to insure the highest quality of beans that support local, family owned farms.

Allegro Swiss Water Process Decaf

If you like a dark roasted coffee that is also sweet and smooth, Allegro’s Swiss Water Decaf Coffee is the one for you! It is one of the only companies that produces Swiss Water Processed Decaf Coffee in multiple roasts. It comes in French Roast, Italian Roast, and Sumatra. Additionally, it is also one of the most affordable brands of decaffeinated coffee, making it easier on your pocket to order more than one bag!

Trader Joe’s Decaf Coffee

For those of us who can’t get enough Trader Joe’s, you can add another win to the list of things you love about it! According to FAQ’s pages, their decaf coffee is Swiss water processed, making it ideal for a caffeine-dizziness problem! Trader Joe’s Decaf Coffee is a staple for many as it is easy to drink, affordable, and free of pesticides! It is easier to purchase in stores, as most Trader Joe’s items are, but is available on Amazon as well.


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