Best Gifts for Vestibular Warriors in 2024

Living with vestibular disorders can be a challenging journey, filled with ups and downs that extend beyond the physical symptoms. For the vestibular warrior in your life, finding the right gifts that provide comfort, relief, and support can make a world of difference. In this article, we will explore eleven specific gift curated for individuals facing the daily battles of vestibular disorders. In a world with infinite options, use these to help you widdle the options down and get something special for the vestibular warrior in your life!

Jill from Ruhewell is alllllll about a holistic approach to relief – and so am I – that’s why we put together The Dizzy Box. Ruhewell takes a unique and holistic approach to alleviating the symptoms of migraine and headaches, no matter which phase of your attack you may be in! This all-natural product line, enriched with essential oils, is carefully curated to cater to each phase of an attack. From the onset to the aftermath, the Dizzy Boxy offers a comforting solution for vestibular warriors seeking relief. The Dizzy Box bundle was hand selected by me, Dr. Madison, PT, DPT, to cater to your vestibular specific needs! Even better is it comes boxed in a cute presentation, so that’s just one less thing you need to think about! Check it out here.

For The Coffee Lover in Your Life

Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee and a ‘Make Mine Decaf’ Insulated Mug. For many vestibular warriors, caffeine can be a trigger for their symptoms. Enter the better world of SWP decaf – that’s decaf without the chemical taste. Grab a bag of Swisswater process decaf coffee and pair it with a ‘Make Mine Decaf’ mug designed by me, The Vertigo Doctor! This gift not only acknowledges their unique dietary needs but also adds a touch of warmth and coziness to their daily routine.

Protect your favorite vestibular warrior from light sensitivity, which is an all too common and frustrating symptom! Avulux Glasses are designed to reduce the impact of light sensitivity, a common challenge for vestibular warriors – and, they’re the only ones backed by research! Dive into the science behind these specially crafted glasses and explore how they can provide relief during challenging moments. From indoor lighting to outdoor glare, Avulux Glasses offer a stylish and functional solution to help your loved one navigate the world more comfortably.

Even better – grab these as an early gift to make your loved one’s holiday season easier! They’ll be able to wear them shopping online and in person to make shopping for their loved ones even easier this year!

Use code VERTIGODOC at checkout for a discount (codes stack for holiday sales)!

Vestibular 101 is the great jumpstart on healing for a vestibular disorder. Whether you’re in a rut, or you’re completely new to your vestibular diagnosis this is a great course for you! This course is designed by Dr. Madison Oak, PT, DPT, Dr. Emily Kostelnik, PhD, and Alicia Wolf! The three of us discuss movement, mindset, food, finding the right doctors, and more! Sign up here!!

Through Cyber Monday, it’s only $85!!

Using similar technology as Avulux glasses, the Allay lamp uses green soothing light to help with light sensitivity. It is a great way for anyone with migraine or vestibular migraine to wind down at the end of the night!  The Allay Lamp is a light source specifically designed for individuals with light sensitivity to use during times or heightened symptoms, or before bed to calm down! Delve into the technology behind this unique lamp and understand how it can create soothing environments, promoting relaxation and ease. This gift goes beyond the ordinary, contributing to a home that nurtures well-being. Explore the Harvard founded science behind Allay here!


This is 2023, and let’s be real here – everyone is trying their best to heal from one thing or another! Secretly, I think it’s safe to say most of us are in our healing era. Personally, I am, and when I finally got my hoodie, I’ve not taken it off since then! It’s wearable comfort and empowerment as a reminder to prioritize yourself daily, ultimately building clothing can be a source of comfort and self-expression. Explore the significance of the This cozy garment can provide physical comfort while also serving as a powerful statement of empowerment. Everyone has a healing era, I know I am in mine (Dr. Madison here!!), but your loved one might be, too! This sweatshirt is a great reminder of what’s to come when you slow down for speedier healing! Get it here!


If you are a vestibular warrior, Vestibular Group Fit is for you! Vestibular Group Fit is designed to make your life with a vestibular disorder so much easier, and more straightforward. If you or your loved one is struggling with a vestibular disorder, VGF is for you! It’s simple, you register, take a quick quiz, and you’ll be directed to everything you specifically need to know to manage your vestibular disorder. That, paired with meditations, workouts safe for your vestibular disorder, the best vestibular support group (where there’s endless help & support), and so much more! Plus, unlimited access to Dr. Madison Oak. Use code HOLIDAY at checkout for a discount!

Give the gift of ice this season! This ice roller is my personal favorite because it stays so cold for so much longer than other ice rollers – without melting all over your face like an ice cube does – and yes, I’ve made that mistake too many times! It’s an investment for an ice roller, so it’s an awesome gift for yourself or someone else. I got one for myself, and I use it every single day! It makes me look like I’m never puffy, it calms down any face pressure or pain, and when I have a rough night of sleep, I look less like I am working through a chronic illness, even though I am!

This headache hat is the one I see most often being used. It’s stretchy so no matter your head size it’ll work and can be worn at different levels! It can be down covering your whole nose (with room to breathe!) or just up on your forehead.  This is SO helpful and so relieving – use with ice roller for maximum effect!

From Dr. Emily Kostelnik, PhD’s team, we have mindset coaching! Mindset coaching for dizziness disorders is a tailored approach that focuses on reshaping cognitive patterns and emotional responses associated with the dizzy anxious dizzy cycle. This specialized coaching aims to break the anxiety cycle often intertwined with dizziness, fostering a positive mental framework. By addressing negative thought patterns and fears related to dizzy spells, individuals can develop resilience and coping mechanisms. Mindset coaching involves cultivating mindfulness, encouraging self-compassion, and promoting a proactive attitude towards managing symptoms. Through guided exercises, individuals learn to reframe their perceptions of dizziness, reducing the impact of anxiety on their overall well-being. The coaching process empowers individuals to regain a sense of control over their lives, fostering a mindset that promotes acceptance, adaptability, and a more relaxed response to dizziness, ultimately contributing to improved mental and emotional well-being. Available worldwide.

If you live with a vestibular disorder, you may often feel like you’re floating. If you don’t have a vestibular disorder but you’ve got a loved one with a vestibular disorder I am here to tell you: weighted objects are friends for vestibular disorders. This is because it helps to increase proprioception, and decrease the sensation of feeling ‘off’, and brings comfort during an attack! Now, most weighted blankets are not very cute, if I do say so myself! This one is so cute, comes in tons of colors, and is cozier than the others!


Neck pain can happen for a few reasons, but no matter the reason sometimes you just need a heat wrap! The Hugaroo Wrap is a fan favorite vestibular warriors. This is a comforting accessory designed to provide gentle support and relief. This neck wrap can help you to feel calmer and feel your muscles relax. You just simply pop it into the microwave, and then place it on your shoulder for a weighted, heated, experience in helping you or your loved one neck and upper back! It feels so good!

This quick read is great for anyone experiencing chronic symptoms. Whether it’s dizziness, pain, or something else this book can help by giving you the tools to rewire your brain through somatic tracking. I, Dr. Madison, have found this book incredibly helpful for all my patients who read it as they gain a new understanding of neuroplasticity and signals of safety! 

Dr. Madison LOVES the audio version of this book!!

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