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Restarting your exercise routine can be difficult, and whether you do it inside a gym, or at your house, you may be in need of some new products. Below, I have listed my top 10 favorite exercise products. Some are for balance, others are for strengthening or stability. Any and all of them would be great additions to a home gym, or as something to bring to your gym with you depending on what you have access to!

Kettle Bell

These kettlebells are coated in rubber, which is a nice feature for protecting your floor, and making them quieter to place down! I love kettlebells, they’re one of the most versatile pieces of equipment; you can do kettlebell swings, single leg deadlifts, or overhead presses with them. A quick Google Search of “kettlebell workout” will get you millions of web results and workout options!

Hand Weights

Hand weights are other great pieces of equipment! In my opinion, these can always be put to god use, and if you don’t have any, here’s an option from Amazon that has many different weights to choose from. Be sure to get a weight that seems challenging for one hand, but nothing so  heavy you can’t lift it up! 

Reebok Step

One of my FAVORITE exercises to give to people are step ups. They challenge dynamic balance, use single leg stance, and can functionally strengthen your legs! This Reebok Step is adjustable, so you can always make it higher if you so choose. It is a great options for step ups, elevated lunges, supported single leg stance, and toe taps!

Balance Pad or Balance Board

Challenging your balance every day is incredibly important to reduce risk of falls. Balance exercises are frequently overlooked in exercise routines. Challenge your balance by standing on a balance board at your desk during the day, or use it just for workouts. Balance pads and balance boards challenge different balance systems, but are both really useful. 






Loop bands

Loop bands are great for around your ankles during lateral crab walks, or around your knees when you’re doing squats to challenge your gluteus muscles! There are endless possibilities for loop bands, and I use them for both my vestibular and orthopedic patients all the time. 

Resistance Bands

An addition, or an alternative, to looped bands are resistance bands. These can be hung from doorways or used independently to strengthen your core, arms, and legs, or added to balance exercises for an extra challenge. 

Yoga Mat

A staple in any home workout area, or to bring to your gym, is a yoga mat. They provide a more comfortable option to workout than the floor, and make clean up after easier. This mat has two different options for thickness and colors! 

A thicker yoga mat could also be very beneficial. Here’s a link to a more comfortable one.


Yoga Ball

A yoga ball is popular for improving your posture while sitting at a desk. However it can also be used for working out. You can do sit ups on it for a dynamic challenge, lifted dynamic bridges, or ab roll outs!



Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so IMPORTANT! Everyone knows this, but many people forget to bring water with them. This water bottle will remind you to drink water, and is insulated, so it will keep your tea hot, and your water cold!



Foam Roller

Rest and recovery is just as important as exercising! You should stretch and roll out your muscles after your workout, and on your recovery days. This foam roller is small enough to fit in your apartment, and firm enough to help your muscles recover and leave you feeling refreshed.


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