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This is a group coaching program in a 8 week container designed to help you get through a plateau or start you on the right foot. No matter where you are in your vestibular journey, this is for you!
Each Monday we will start off with a coaching call giving you intention and focus for the week. Then, the next week we will keep the prior information in mind as we move toward other topics!
By the end of the 8 weeks we aim to help you have less dizziness, more confidence, and a better understanding of how to manage your vestibular disorder.
Here’s what the 8 weeks will look like:
Week 1: Welcome Week!
Week 2: Grief and mindset
Week 3: Breathing, grounding, and an introduction to movement!
Week 4: Mindset shifts, mindfulness, and frame of mind
Week 5: A deep dive into movement
Week 6: Visual Vertigo & Exposure therapy
Week 7: Conversations about dizziness with your doctor, kids, partner, friends family and at work
Week 8: Diet, inflammation and topics You may have mentioned throughout our time together!
What’s the cost?
  • The total for the Paid in Full 9 weeks is $1450
  • Since you’re a Vestibular Group Fit member, if you sign up while you’re logged into your account, the total discount comes to: 1232.5 
    • Your VGF membership will continue to renew throughout this time.

Where does this cost come from?

  • Small Group video call sessions are each worth $325 ($2925 value).
  • VOXER chat Close contact to Drs. Jenna & Madison to answer all your questions
  • Vestibular Group Fit Content Access for 9 weeks ($255 value).
  • Ebook access (printable, via Amazon through your purchase, or via interactable PDF. You get to choose how to interact with the ebook!
What are the dates?
  • Beginning on April 29, 2024 and ending on June 29, 2024, this will be an 8 week program in a 9 week space. There will be a break between  May 26-June 1, 2024!
Why is this different than Vestibular Group Fit?
  • You will get access to a Voxer group chat that is between Dr. Madison, Dr. Jenna, and the other members of the cohort! Each week we will have a weekly topic so we can set an intention for the week, discuss in the coaching call (which will be recorded) and then we will chat about questions, specific needs, and comments you may have throughout the week. Drs. Madison & Jenna will check this Chat far more frequently than the FB group is checked and make sure you’re getting the most attention possible in a group setting!
How much time do I need to commit?
  • The time commitment is up to you, but the more you put in, the more you will get out of it.
  • I would realistically expect to commit 2-4 hours/week to coaching calls, asking questions in the group, and taking moments to yourself to work on what we are talking about on a daily basis in your personal life!


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