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If you know me, and you’ve been following along with me, you know how much I preach that exercise is so important! Your vestibular system loves to move!

Think about, or open, your phone. Think about how when you open the maps app (any kind of map) your phone can show you the direction you’re moving, the speed, when you’re turning, and all the other movements you need!

But have you ever had that system malfunction? I know that when I get on Google Maps, it frequently tells me I’m moving the opposite way or the little cone is just a little out of whack. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Well, you might know this, but I just found out that if you shake your phone, the gyroscope inside does a reset and will start to point you in the right direction again, or it will at least pop up with a notification that asks you “what’s wrong with your maps? Would you like to report an issue?”

I am not trying to give you a phone hack here, I’m making a comparison to your vestibular system. Your vestibular system is the same as the gyroscope in your head. You need to move to keep your vestibular system feeling healthy and stable, and without movement, this receptor doesn’t work nearly as well as it can. It can atrophy – just like muscles can get weaker without use, vestibular systems can too!

It truly is ‘use it or lose it’, as they say. Do vestibular exercises, perform physical activity, and do other fitness activities. Any way that you love to move, your vestibular system loves back!

Please move your body! If that’s scary for you, I can help!

One way I can help you move is this free template I have linked here! This free workout template is a completely hyperlinked, totally scalable workout routine you can do for improving your movement and activity daily! This is also what you can expect in Vestibular Group Fit! Group Fit is a great way to be a part of a community of vestibular warriors like yourself, and get in group workouts! It will help keep your vestibular system strong, and keep you motivated to stay healthy!

And, if you’re ready to sign up for Group Fit, we would absolutely love to have you!

Here’s the link to subscribe:

Are you ready to bring fitness back into your life? Start below!

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