Vestibular Fit!

After being diagnosed with a vestibular disorder, whether you’re returning to, or starting for the first time, exercise can feel daunting. There are so many questions that may be going through your head:

Where do I begin?

What do I feel like I can actually tolerate?

Will exercise and physical activity make me feel better?

What if it makes me dizzier?

I have heard all of these questions, and that’s why I created Vestibular Fit! Vestibular Fit is an all-inclusive program for fitness targeted to people with vestibular disorders and dizziness. It includes a completely customized exercise program to you and your needs.

The goal of Vestibular Fit is to create a program focused on exercises for dizziness, for general health, and for you! Meeting your goals is our number one priority. If your goal is to go on a hike, we can make that happen. No matter what your goal is, we will make that happen!

Research shows that at least 30 minutes/day of exercise is good for all people, but research specific to vestibular disorders shows that those who exercise while healing from a vestibular disorder do better than those who do not participate in other exercise or physical activity. It can be incredibly daunting to try and figure out your exercise tolerance on your own, but Vestibular Fit is here to help!

Vestibular Fit is the all-encompassing program designed to help you return to the jogging, exercise classes, walking, hiking, and other activities, that you love. It combines class physical activities like bicep curls and squats with balance exercises and head movements. It is not Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy or Physical Therapy – it IS an exercise program designed for people with vestibular disorders.

By training, I am a physical therapist, in fact, I am a Vestibular Physical Therapist. There is a big difference between Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy and Vestibular Fit. Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is designed to habituate your vestibular system, meaning that it will train your vestibular system to become re-accustomed to visual, motion, and vestibular stimuli that are irritating you causing dizziness, imbalance, and disequilibrium.

Ready to get started? I am SO excited to start working with you! Click this link to see all of what we have to offer! 


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